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Essence, Serum and Ampoule, What are they?

Essence, serum and ampoule are the step 5 to 7 in the 10-step K-beauty skincare routine. You must have heard about them, but may not know exactly what they are and how they are different.

So here is the comparison table that may help you understand each product better and choose what you need in your skincare routine.




When should I use in the skincare routine?

Step 5: Apply essence after washing and applying toner to your face

Step 6: Apply serum under your sunscreen during the day, or before your moisturizer at night.

Step 7: Apply ampoule before moisturizer 

What is it?

An essence is a lightweight and watery skincare product to serve as an additional layer of hydration.

A serum is a gel-like, lightweight formula that is loaded with powerful ingredients to treat specific skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and dullness.

An ample, a more concentrated version of a serum, helps promote collagen, add moisture to your skin, and restore the health of your skin. 

Think of ampoules as "super serums".

How frequently should I use it?

Twice everyday

Twice everyday

1-2 times a week

How much should I use it?

Take one pump into your palms and apply the essence by patting and pressing it gently into your skin

Take a few drops or one pump of the serum and apply evenly on your face.

Take a few drops of the ampoule and apply it on the face.

* Do not use this in place of a serum.

Just remember that more is not always better in the skincare. Do not use too much or too often of each product. Your skin can't make use of so much of a single nutrient at one time and keeps you from wasting a powerful product by using too much.