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Have a good skin day

Wake up with well-rested and rejuvenating skin in the morning.

Getting up and ready for work in the morning is not always easy for everyone. But when you look yourself in the mirror and see your skin glow, you know you will have a great day. 

Mistia is a small team of women who understand what it feels like waking up with good skin and believe a good skin day is a good everything day. Going to a spa and getting facial treatment is the best way, but that can be quite expensive and the current pandemic situation we are facing makes it even harder to access it.

You all deserve a good skin day. You should have your good skin day without breaking the bank and without any concerns about the pandemic. Korean skincare products including sheet masks, sleeping masks and eye patches can help you with that. K-beauty products are getting quite popular in North America thanks to the wide variety of selections and affordability. We at curate only the best among all. 

We are based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and all the products at are imported directly from Korea. We curate only the best among all.

Enjoy our collections and have a good skin day!

Mistia Team