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good skin day

Embarking on the daily routine can be a challenge for many, but catching a glimpse of your radiant reflection in the mirror sets the tone for a fantastic day.

At Mistia, we are a small team of women who understand the significance of starting the day with glowing skin. We firmly believe that a good skin day translates to a good everything day. Everyone deserves a day with radiant skin, and achieving it shouldn't break the bank or be hindered by pandemic concerns. Enter the world of Korean skincare with, where we offer a range of products, including sheet masks, sleeping masks, and eye patches. Korean beauty products are gaining popularity in North America due to their diverse selection and affordability, and is dedicated to curating only the best.

Situated in the picturesque Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we directly import our products from Korea to bring you the finest skincare solutions.

Explore our collections and treat yourself to a day of glowing skin!

Best wishes,

The Mistia Team