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Why Are K Beauty Products So Popular?

Even if you are a newbie to skincare, you’ve likely encountered the powerhouse that is K-beauty. Korean skincare and beauty products have taken the world by storm, raising the standard for skincare thanks to their constant innovations. Koreans are masters of skincare, and because of this, the products they create reflect their passion for keeping their skin healthy, luminous, and youthful. Skincare is taught to Koreans at a young age, to both girls and boys. Because of this vested interest, skincare products are accessible to all in Korea. And now, K-beauty is available across the globe.

So just how did K-beauty achieve this level of popularity? Here are just some of the reasons as to why K-beauty products are so beloved. Maybe some of these will convince you to try K-beauty products!

1. They address the root of the problem

Imagine that you’re a boat. One day, your boat steers into a rock, which results in a hole on the side of your vessel. Perhaps you’re in a hurry, or maybe, quite simply, you just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of fixing the hole. So, you cover the hole with some masking tape—and this helps! But this only solves the problem temporarily. Before you know it, your boat is filling up with water again.

Many products available to us in North America are about treatments, many of which are only temporary fixes. K-beauty instead seeks to address the root of the problem so that the issue doesn’t arise again. With K-beauty, you’re properly repairing that hole in your boat, or better yet, building a sturdy ship so that your boat is impervious to rocks. 

Prevention is always better than treatment. Instead of addressing the issue by using a product just once, hoping for immediate results, K-beauty products are about consistent use so you can build a strong foundation that protects your skin against any factors that may cause your skin to lose its health.

2. They are constantly innovating

You may have heard of BB cream, a product that’s become a staple over the years, but did you know that BB cream originated from Korea? 

Because skincare is such an important part of their culture, the people behind K-beauty are always innovating, exploring new formulations and experimenting with new products that help to yield better skin. And the innovation doesn’t stop at the creams and masks; K-beauty is also known for its packaging, from featuring adorable little cartoon animals, to utilizing new and unique methods of application.

It doesn’t hurt that Seoul is where all the action is: there are 112 beauty stores that are densely packed into just eight blocks in Korea’s capital.

3. They contain their products in fun packaging

Because there are so many K-beauty products available in Seoul, the competition is fierce. Companies will do whatever it takes to catch the eye of skincare enthusiasts. The result? Packaging that features cute animals and fun designs. Companies also often take how the product is dispensed into consideration, too, in an attempt to make the product more unique and functional.

4. They are very affordable compared to some other brands

Again, due to the intense competition within the K-beauty industry, prices are kept incredibly affordable. Unlike Western expectations, “affordable” doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing quality when it comes to K-beauty products!

5. They focus on healthy skin

Sure, we all want to get rid of age spots and fine lines, but treating them without considering why these things happen can only get you so far. K-beauty products focus on a holistic approach, which means that getting rid of wrinkles can’t necessarily be spot-treated or resolved through simply treating the epidermis. Instead, K-beauty believes that radiant skin can only be achieved through caring for all three layers of your skin. 

Whether you’re familiar with K-beauty or not, it’s likely that you’ve come across these skincare products. K-beauty truly shook up the skincare world when it arrived in North America, pushing competing companies to innovate so they can keep up. Its influence is undeniable, too: for example, whereas a matte complexion was once favoured as a North American beauty standard, dewiness, which is the sought after beauty trait in Korea, is now the ultimate goal.